about us

Born as an expert in the communication of emotions through flowers (flowers designer, more than a profession a way to express his artistic soul for him), is from years to prominence in the organization of weddings, in particular, but also in the recurrence of events and festivities.
As Wedding Planner, Marco Frigerio offers the most comprehensive advice on the management of the ceremony, both in the religious one that in the civil one, in the organization of the reception and image advice in choosing locations, decorations, clothing, accessories and care of the rules of etiquette.
The empathic strength that sets it apart, a natural aptitude for public relations, allows him to empathize with prospective clients, understand their desires and their dreams and then give shape to their ideas by translating them into emotions.
In all of this, he has always been supported by Luca Conti, valid partner with a strong creativity and dexterity.
Attention to detail, even the most seemingly insignificant, makes them reliable and highly qualified professionals in the organization and the design of any type of event, thanks also to partners trusted and highly competent, with a special attention to the economic availability of the customer.